Chicago Wedding Videography


What types of events are your specialty?

99% of my work is wedding and engagement shoots. I have shot over
250 weddings since my first in 2006. Like my father, a doctor, who
is trained in all aspects of medicine but chose to pursue a specialty, I
chose to really hone my skills in wedding photography. It’s what I love.

Can you tell me more about your philosophy and style?

Every wedding is unique, so I tailor my approach to each couple that I work with. I practice what I call “Call and Response” photography. Because the unfolding action of the day and the different settings demand different styles and approaches, I transition between styles to capture the best possible results. The flexibility of this method leads me create everything from classic, traditional images to images that are brightly colored and whimsical.

While I am best known for my editorial-style portraits of the bride and groom together, I also love photojournalism, such as capturing fun shots of the bridesmaids lighting up the dance floor. Traditional images of the bride coming down the aisle and family portraits are key shots, too. When I approach a moment, I use my knowledge of wedding photography to pull out everything it has to offer. Tell me more about your wedding, and I’ll tell you more about what I can bring to each moment.

Can I send you my Pinterest board or request specific shots?

I am happy to review your inspiration images and work with your requests. Once I have the digital images you’re interested in, we can talk through your priorities and my recommendations during our pre-shoot meeting shortly before the wedding.

How far will you travel for destination weddings, and what are the travel fees?

I look forward to traveling for weddings, and my destination shoots have included India, Mexico, London, and Amsterdam. Generally, the extra costs are only travel to the wedding location and two nights in a hotel. I generally source your second photographer locally, and I’ll buy a local SIM card so you can reach me easily.

How many images will we receive? Do we get digital copies and own the rights to them?

I will shoot approximately 7,000 to 12,000 images on your wedding day. From those, I will curate the best moments and provide you with between 800 and 1,200 final, edited images. You will own the rights to those images, so you can print them and post them as you like. I treat the images more or less as your property as they are so important to families. I am the legal copyright owner, but I release the rights to you in our contract.

What is the backup plan if you are hospitalized?

I haven’t missed a wedding yet, and I intend to keep it that way. Regardless, we must be prepared in case of emergency. We have two talented associate photographers and can draw on a larger community of Chicago-based wedding photographers (around 70 people) that provide a two-tiered emergency plan in the event that I am hospitalized.

Will you help pose us?

Don’t worry. Some people find posing in front of the camera a little awkward or intimidating. Being a full-time wedding photographer has taught me how to work with couples to create natural, flattering poses. The traditional poses for formal family images are simple and easy. The more sophisticated posing will be used in photos of you and your fiancee, where I will be using Interaction Posing. I will give you prompts and suggestions to start, but in the end, you’ll be paying more attention to each other than to me. Part of creating great images is helping you create great moments during the photography time.

Will all of our images be edited? What does that include? (i.e. basic enhancement, advanced retouching)

All of your final images will be edited for color and brightness, as well as a very light and natural smoothing of the skin, which greatly enhances the quality of the images.

Can our guests order prints?

Absolutely! We make it easy and convenient for your friends and family members to select their favorite memories and order prints directly from your web gallery. Our processing is low-cost while maintaining superior quality, so prints can be purchased for as little as $2. Please Contact me now for a price sheet that includes prints.

How long does it take to get our images after the wedding?

Images from an engagement shoot are ready 30 days following the shoot. If you’re under a time crunch to mail your save-the-dates, we can process your images even faster.

Wedding images will be ready 8 weeks after your wedding date. If you’re really excited to get a sneak peek (and who isn’t?), we can do a 50-image preview to tide you over.

What happens if we lose our images after the wedding? Do you keep them too?

Rest assured, all of the weddings I shoot are right at my fingertips in our special mass data storage device. There is a also a copy of your final images in the cloud. We currently store over 500,000 final wedding and engagement images.

What is the process of booking you for our wedding and how does payment work?

When you are ready to book, just let me know. I will reserve your wedding date on my calendar and send you our contract. The deposit is a flat fee of $700, regardless of the package, and I accept payment via personal check, credit card, or Chase Quick Pay. The contract will stipulate that final payment is due 14 days before your wedding, but flexibility is key. If you prefer, you can pay me at our pre-wedding meeting or on your wedding day.

Will you help us scout locations for photography?

Yes, I am happy to help you as much as I can, particularly in scouting photography locations. I’m familiar with most of the great photography spots in the city, but if you are in the suburbs or wanting something totally new and unique, I will spend a few hours searching for great location opportunities just before your wedding day.

How do we know your personality will fit with ours?

That’s a great question. I’d love to meet with you and get to know each other a little bit as I learn about your big day. I love the social aspect of being a wedding photographer, and I look forward to meeting each of my new clients. Contact me now, and let’s set up a time to chat.